Hi, I'm Katie

I run Pawsome Canines as a dog walker and trainer

I've been working with dogs now for over 5 years professionally and for over 10 years in rescues as a volunteer. I've fostered 17 dogs of different breeds and with different behaviour issues and now volunteer as the Dog Welfare Officer for the Senior Staffy Club. 


I love working with dogs and their families to maintain and strengthen a great relationship and bond.

I use fun, easy to understand methods to help train your dog (all based on scientific evidence). I never use pain or fear and instead use reward based methods such as toys, food or praise.



I am constantly updating my knowledge on dog training and behaviour and my qualifications include:

  • Degree in Zoology (includes animal behaviour) from University of Liverpool

  • Diploma in Canine Psychology and Behaviour from Reaseheath College

  • Puppy Start Right for Instructors from Karen Pryor Academy

  • Canine Body Language and Facial Expression and Canine body language and facial expression in dog-dog interactions from Sarah Whitehead

  • Puppy Lab and 30 days of Canine Science from the School of Canine Science

  • Canine Problem Behaviour and Dogs and Children Certificate from the Ethology Institute

  • Dog Bite Prevention Certificate from DogNostics Career Centre

I'm a member of the Canine Principles Skills Hub which provides courses and workshops that are being updated continuously.

Certificates earnt from here include: Senior Dog Care Course, Canine Fear Course, Interactive Play, Canine Enrichment, Canine Calmness and Predation Substitute Training 

I'm also a member of the Dog Welfare Alliance. This means I have taken a pledge to only use force-free and positive training methods in my dealings with animals





Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 9am - 8pm

​​Sat & Sun: 9am - 4pm

Area of Service

Werrington and surrounding areas

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